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The Importance of Walking with Mother Nature

By Venus Gentile

I am very blessed to live on the North Shore of Long Island. Living a few minutes from the water is a true gift and one that I am grateful for every day. I took this photo the other afternoon as I was strolling along the waterfront. The sun had lit up the sky and cast the most stunning rays across the sound.

Every time I walk past this particular spot, I have an overwhelming feeling of presence, a connection with something greater than myself. In this photo, I believe I captured Mother Nature at her finest. It was an effortless click of the camera, a knowing that I was vibrating with the universe.

The point I am getting at is straightforward and very profound. No matter who you are or who you think you are, you are a child of the universe. It is essential to our well-being to connect with Mother Nature as often as possible. We live in a time of great chaos and unrest, a time where so much seems dismal and uncertain.

Taking the time for a daily walk can heal the soul, even if it is only for 15 minutes. We have done so much to destroy Mother Nature; let's now re-build our relationship with her. Listen to the birds, feel the calm of the trees swaying in the wind, admire the beauty of the universe, and you will understand that life deserves to be enjoyed, respected, and ultimately LIVED to the fullest!

~Venus Gentile


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