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Green Goodness

The ForEva Fit Philosophy

ForEva Fit was born from my desire to inspire, educate, and help individuals achieve a more vital and abundant life.


I dedicate my work in honor of my late mother and soul sister, Eva, who, at the young age of 68, suffered a heart attack.


Little did I know she had been living with coronary heart disease. I was able to pick myself up and turn my pain and sorrow into something much greater than myself.


The tragedy of losing my mother has given me the strength to take leaps of faith where I was once too afraid, and I now take my experiences and share my wisdom with others.  


I take an integrative approach toward wellness by addressing the individual as a unique and complete entity.


I take into consideration the fundamental elements of wellness: social, physical, emotional, environmental, and spiritual, to create a customized lifestyle program with lasting and sustainable results.


   ~ Venus Gentile

        Creative Culinary Coach


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