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Challenge Yourself Everyday

Venus Gentile

Challenges, growth, and an investment in personal development are the driving forces behind my fervor for life. Education and awareness are fundamental to my work philosophy.


Born and raised in London, England, I have experienced a plethora of global culinary experiences.


With a strong background in hospitality, journalism, and marketing, combined with my enthusiasm for healthy, creative cooking, I ensure that all my endeavors involve meeting challenges, expanding my knowledge, and bringing value to others.


After tragically losing both of my parents to cancer and heart disease, I set my sights on a career in healthy cooking and wellness. As a Creative Culinary Coach, my goal is to help you find your true vitality and abundant health, and I believe that this starts at home in your kitchen!

My portfolio also includes TV and radio. As the former host of the successful internet radio show “Feast on This,” I bring my talents and skills to “Getting HOT In The Kitchen.” I have joined forces with Dr. Dave™ to produce an entertaining, healthy cooking show that will “ignite your passion for food.”

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