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Detox your body with this powerhouse drink

By Venus Gentile

As a nutritionist, career woman, and mother, I firmly believe that taking care of one's body daily is the key to living a vital life. I eat a well-balanced diet, I drink plenty of water, and take lots of supplements every day. Detoxifying the body is not a 'once-in-a-while thing that you do; it has to be consistent for you to reap the benefits.

Ginger and turmeric detox drink

I have been making this incredible detox drink for a while now, and I must admit, I am addicted! I drink it cold over ice every morning. The health benefits are out of this world, and it tastes delicious!


Curcumin is the key component in turmeric and is a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and has anti-aging qualities.

Black pepper contains Piperine which allows the curcumin to be absorbed in the body.

Ginger contains Gingerol that aids in digestion and helps detoxify.

Cinnamon is an anti-inflammatory and helps reduce sugar levels.


A handful of fresh ginger sliced

A handful of fresh turmeric sliced

One lemon or lime sliced

Two cinnamon sticks

Ten peppercorns

1/4 cup honey

Heat water in a medium saucepan. Add all ingredients except honey. Simmer for 30 mins. Add in honey and take out lemon or lime slices ( it will get very bitter otherwise).

This can be served warm or over ice for a pick-me-up morning detox drink. It can be stored in a jar in the refrigerator with all ingredients left inside.


~Venus Gentile

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