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Stepping on the bathroom scale is not the complete answer

We provide additional testing to reveal your true health!

  • Indirect Calorimetry Testing: - This reveals your true metabolic rate (how your body uses food) by measuring the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide from your breathing. This device will measure the amount in (consumption) and the amount out (expired) which accurately shows your metabolic rate. This will guide us the exact number of calories that you need each day. (Too many calories may lead to weight gain and too few calories may impede weight loss).



  • Bio Impedance Analysis: - Unlike scale weight, this reveals the overall health of a person, as well as the proportion and amount of fat, lean tissue and water weight. It can be effectively used to indicate how much muscle and fat is being lost or gained as a result of physical or dietary changes. It also analyses the health of the cells. Weight loss cannot be properly monitored using a scale only.

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